About Us

We Promote design, creativity, innovation, ideas, morals and nobility on the Internet

PWA Stands for the Popular Website Awards - the top Composite Online Website Awards internationally. We are the most diverse and extensive awards all over the world, there are no other Awards which are as universal, widespread, popular or treasured as we are.

Our aim is to identify and reward websites of companies that have consistently put in extra effort to provide quality service to their clients.

We grant awards to websites and businesses in 42 industry categories including Advertising, Architecture, Automobile, Banks, Broadcasting, Insurance, Investor Relations, Legal, Leisure, Media, Medical, Military, Movies, Music, News, Pharmaceuticals, Political, Real Estate, Retail, School, Sports, Technology, Travel, and University.

There are several benefits of receiving our award.
      • You can display the awards prominently on your website.
      • Your visitors will be impressed and find your organization even more respectable.
      • We will put your website on our front page, driving visitors directly to your site.
      • Since we are a high page rank website, your SEO/Google rank will improve.
      • You can share the award you received on various Social Media & Press.

Identifying Winners:

PWA Winners will be given a printable PDF Certificate as well as a verifiable logo to put on their website. PWA winners are welcome to display any of these three award logos as shown here. You can put the award on your front page or keep it discreet inside another page.

  • 1
  • Award logo to be displayed anywhere, preferably at the bottom right corner of the webpage.

  • 2
  • Award logo to be displayed at the top right of the webpage.

  • 3
  • Discreet Award logo to be displayed anywhere on the webpage.

We welcome any useful and constructive suggestions or ideas you may have. If you would like to offer us any feedback, please write to info@popularwebsiteawards.com