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We are PWA, the Popular Website Awards that the world Loves!
We identify and reward websites of companies that have raving fans, beautiful websites, and provide awesome services.

PWA has been the torchbearer in finding and showcasing the finest businesses and websites since 2010. Our Mission is to uplift, encourage and appreciate the best individuals and companies, regardless of their size, their wealth or technology used in creating the websites.

PWA is truly international, the technology behind the scenes is hosted in USA, the design crafted from Italy, the software nerds from Asia and supported by individuals and companies from all over the world. PWA is the final stop for experiencing the very best websites and businesses across the entire internet. We set new standards for businesses and encourage them to push the boundaries of technolgy to give higher value to their customers and visitors.

Awesome Websites

If you have a website that looks very nice, provides a lot of valuable information, which has raving fan customers or which simply rocks, you're invited to apply for our awards.

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Incredible Mobile Apps

Have you created the next generation mobile apps that raises the bar for cutting edge mobile technologies? If your app deserves to become a super success, we would love to help - apply now.

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Mindblowing Media

Exceptional Viral Interactive Advertising Media, Video Films and other Media Productions are also awarded by us. If you have created a work of art worth our award, please let us know.

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Our Special Winners

May - 2023
Historic Site of the Month
Michael Jackson was the true "King of Pop". This beautiful website makes him come alive again.

May - 2023
Business Excellence Award of the Month
Lighting Style is one of the largest and most popular providers of lights in Australia with an impressive product line and fantastic service.

May - 2023
Respected Site of the Month
Malala Yousafzai is the youngest Nobel Prize laureate. Malala.org is working for a world where every girl can learn and lead.


We Love to spread the Joy!
We don't inspire the winners, the love and kind words of our winners inspire us!

Charlotte Taylor

Dear PWA Team, we would like to thank you for this prestigious award. We are really proud and honored!

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George Andrei

I was impressed with your unique selection and judging criteria which gave people like me an equal chance. Thank you PWA for motivating me and providing the much needed inspiration to work even harder.

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Polly Garcia

This is a beautiful surprise! What an amazing idea to charge $99 only from those who win and not for submissions. I specially loved the certificate and am sure this will help me in my professional growth.

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Our Winners for the last six months
At PWA we recognize amazing digital work and try to give as much exposure as we can to the most amazing creative projects. Only six companies have won our award in the last six months. Take a look:

  • The Travel Web Design Agency
    Visit: Click   here   to visit their website.

  • L + P Immobilienbewertungs GmbH
    Visit: Click   here   to visit their website.

  • Lighting Style
    Visit: Click   here   to visit their website.

  • 81 Events
    Visit: Click   here   to visit their website.

  • Goblin Creative
    Visit: Click   here   to visit their website.

  • Mark Hawkins
    Visit: Click   here   to visit their website.

Latest Nominations

  • Bodhi Cycling
  • Bodhi is a new Belgian brand of cycling gear with unique designer outfits for men, women and your own team. Coming soon: online shopping & teamwear customization... stay tuned.
  • Earls restaurants
  • Earls restaurants are known for customer service. This new responsive website extends that world class service to the web through smart data management and anticipates customers’ needs with seamless localization.


  • " Woooow! I was absolutely in heaven when I received the email that I won this award! ... awesome! This is one of the best moments of my life. A huge big Thank you to the PWA! I still can't believe I got the award!"
  • - Mark Pearson
  • New York, USA
  • " We've won a few other awards, but this one means the most to us. We are received such a prestigious award. You've made us very happy."
  • - Sandra Roberts
  • Worcester, UK
  • " It was a goal I had set up - to win the PWA. I had really put in a lot of effort in building this site and I am glad you could see the beauty in it. much Thank you soooo much. "
  • - Rohit Agarwal
  • Chennai, India