Who Deserves An Award?
All that glitters is not gold - William Shakespeare's words are even more relevant today as things are superficial and beauty only skin deep. Who do you thinks deserves an award - a beautiful great good looking website or a true value generating honest business?

  • Looks Vs Heart

    At PWA, we reward those individuals and companies which are kind, ethical, generous and benevolent, not those who look great but are in reality so on the surface only.
  • Big Vs Small

    The Big Corporates get all the awards - practically bought with money and power. Every award company finds it easy to award huge big companies instead of searching for the genuine smaller ones. We at PWA have the mission of finding hidden gems which get ignored all the time.
  • Money Vs Integrity

    Most award ceremonies are simply a money making instituition. Some directly make money by charging for submission, for sponsorship and in hidden surrogate ways. We do this for the love of the work, not for money, and since the donations are tiny, we run this at our own expense.