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PWA stands for Popular Website Awards, we are based in the US and India. We are a widely recognised internet award program and inspirational portal, that identifies the pioneers on the internet. We recognize websites that combine beautiful interactive design with intelligent technology, along with an unmatched dedication to the quality of their service.

PWA is proud of the selfless, passionate and creative efforts of our award winners who help make a difference in the lives of others and in the communities in which they do business.
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About Us

The PopularWebsiteAwards aims to identify and reward websites of companies that have consistently put in extra effort to provide quality service to their clients.

In this world, somehow, all the limelight is always there on the rich. Yes, we all know Apple, and Google and Pepsi and KFC, they are beautiful companies and they should be always there in the news. However, what about that hardworking, simple, honest baker who sells the best cakes just down the street. He never increases his prices beyond what is justified. He never thinks of hiring an MBA to take his business to the net level. He is the guy we always recommed whenever there is a party in the neighborhood. We at PWA believe that these are the Heroes in real life. These are the small companies and firms we never miss unless they are gone.

We wanted to identify these small and medium businesses, and showcase them to the world. With this mission, PWA was started.

We grants awards to websites in 42 industry categories including Advertising, Architecture, Automobile, Banks, Broadcasting, Insurance, Investor Relations, Legal, Leisure, Media, Medical, Military, Movies, Music, News, Pharmaceuticals, Political, Real Estate, Retail, School, Sports, Technology, Travel, and University.

Identifying Winners: PWA winners are welcome to display any of these two award logos as shown here.
Award logo to be displayed at the top right corner of the webpage.   Award logo to be displayed at the bottom of the webpage.
The selection Process

PWA welcomes submissions from all websites which stand out in their looks, or the service quality of their business, adherence to ethics, and their unfailing commitment to serve humanity. Such websites are and should be popular and they are what our judges look for. Categories include :
  • Websites (made using any technology, software, including but not limited to: Flash, HTML, XHTML, CSS, HTML5, Unity 3D, Away3D, etc)
  • Blogs
  • Corporates, Legal, Healthcare, Educational, Real Estate, Experimental
  • Online games
  • Sites and applications for mobile, web etc, i.e. iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Nexus One.
  • Online movies or animation.
*NOTE: in a fast changing world, PWA is open to, and welcomes, any submission that is not listed above, as long as the submission demonstrates cutting edge creativity.

All submissions will be judged on the following:
• Popularity • Personality
• Creativity • Originality
• Design • Content
• Business Practices • Social Contribution
Submit Your Website

Free Submission: All submitted sites will be reviewed by our expert team of judges for our coveted and industry recognized awards logos. The PWA does not charge any fees for Website submission. We will review your website for Free.

Winners: If you do win an award, you will still not be required to pay any fees. We will provide you the PWA winner icon to display on your website and will create a Winner Verification page. If a visitor clicks on the award logo on your website, they will see a "Winner Verified" page on our site authenticating you as a winner.

Donations are most welcome. Click here to pay us a small Donation via PayPal.
Contact Us

We welcome any useful and constructive suggestions or ideas you may have. If you would like to offer us any feedback, please write to info@popularwebsiteawards.com

We have been criticized more than once on our selection process, perhaps because we search for inner beauty deep within the skin. If good websites were to be judged by looks, Google would be far behind any site, even Bing. Still, if you want to send criticism, hate emails, threats or letter bombs, here is our address:

Address: PWA, IPEG Solutions
696B, Block A, Laketown, Kolkata, WB, India.
Phone: +91 33 3221 0000
Phone: +91 98306 62770
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