• He worked harded than anyone,
    And they called it Luck
    PWA, however, saw the Truth. He Deserved the Award.
  • Different is
    unique is
    Imperfection is Beauty, Madness is genius, and it is better to be
    absolutely ridiculous than boring.
  • That small but popular

    Family owned bakery
    Deserves an Award!
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Our Winners for the last six months
At PWA we recognize amazing digital work and try to give as much exposure as we can to the most amazing creative projects. Only six companies have won our award in the last six months. Take a look:

  • Dongrila
    Visit: Click   here   to visit their website.

  • Dstclub
    Visit: Click   here   to visit their website.

  • Carsten Mell
    Visit: Click   here   to visit their website.

  • Hari Hara Kumar
    Visit: Click   here   to visit their website.

  • The Travel Web Design Agency
    Visit: Click   here   to visit their website.

  • 24HR KPOP-TV Channel
    Visit: Click   here   to visit their website.

Latest Nominations

  • Bodhi Cycling
  • Bodhi is a new Belgian brand of cycling gear with unique designer outfits for men, women and your own team. Coming soon: online shopping & teamwear customization... stay tuned.
  • Earls restaurants
  • Earls restaurants are known for customer service. This new responsive website extends that world class service to the web through smart data management and anticipates customers’ needs with seamless localization.


  • " Woooow! I was absolutely in heaven when I received the email that I won this award! ... awesome! This is one of the best moments of my life. A huge big Thank you to the PWA! I still can't believe I got the award!"
  • - Mark Pearson
  • New York, USA
  • " We've won a few other awards, but this one means the most to us. We are received such a prestigious award. You've made us very happy."
  • - Sandra Roberts
  • Worcester, UK
  • " It was a goal I had set up - to win the PWA. I had really put in a lot of effort in building this site and I am glad you could see the beauty in it. much Thank you soooo much. "
  • - Rohit Agarwal
  • Chennai, India